Gmail app finally gets support for a major iPadOS feature

Apple has largely positioned its iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, something underscored by its launch of the Magic Keyboard with a hinge and trackpad. A key part of using the iPad Pro in lieu of a laptop is the ability to multitask, however, something that requires apps to actively support the iPadOS features that facilitate it. Gmail is finally counted among these offerings.

The iPad features something called Split View, which is the ability to drag an app to the side of the display, causing it to fill up half of the landscape screen. Split View is very useful for viewing two different apps side-by-side; you can, for example, have a text editor open on one side and research open on the other side.

In a blog post on Monday, Google revealed that its Gmail and other apps all now support Split View on the iPad, enabling users to, for example, view their Google Calendar and Gmail at the same time on Apple's slate. You'll need to have multitasking enabled on your iPad to use the feature, though.

To do this, head into the Settings app and tap "Home Screen & Dock -> Multitasking." You'll need to select, "Allow Multiple Apps" to use Split View. Once enabled, simply drag an app from the app dock to the right or left side of the screen, depending on where you want it. You'll be prompted to choose an app for the other side of the screen, too.

iPad users who are often connected to a keyboard can instead enable Keyboard Shortcuts in order to quickly launch and use the app. Gmail users should be able to use Split View with the email app as of Monday, including those who have G Suite and Personal accounts.