Gmail and other Google apps return after short outage

While the entirety of the Google apps ecosystem appears to still be flickering on according to tips we're receiving from readers as we speak, Google has reported that their entire environment should be ready to roll. What we experienced this morning was everything from slow service to entire Gmail inboxes disappearing – if you're experiencing one or the other, please feel free to let us know in the comments of this post or via our tipline email.

While Google earlier noted that they were "working hard to restore normal operation," the newest message sent out across the Google Apps dashboard is that, specifically, "the problem with Google Mail should be resolved." According to contacts speaking with SlashGear, services such as Google Drive have yet to return to optimal service.

Check Google's own App Status Dashboard to see the status of your favorite app right this minute!

At the moment it appears that the services that have been affected started with the Google Admin control panel and API which went down at around 8:20 AM Google Server Time. Google Drive went down just about 40 minutes later, Google Docs about 10 minutes after that, and even the Google News was having some issues throughout the morning. Google Calendar was unable to be reached by several readers sending notes in to SlashGear this morning as well.

If you've had trouble or continue to have trouble, you can also contact Google directly. Through Google's own Google Apps Documentation & Support page you can access unique support based on which app you need help with and what kind of Googler you are. Make the effort and make everything better for everyone!