GM OnStar RemoteLink App Gets Update For Navigation On iPhone And Android

OnStar has announced a new update for the iPhone and Android versions of the RemoteLink app. The app will work with any RemoteLink-enabled vehicle. The new update is cool because it allows the driver to select a destination using their smartphone and then shoot that destination over to the car for turn-by-turn driving directions.

The app also allow the user to shoot an address from their contact list to the car and it supports voice search so the user doesn't have to type. Once the destination is sent to the car, it can be accessed via the OnStar turn-by-turn nav system or though the vehicles integrated nav system. As soon as the destination is activated, it will be ready to go inside the car at startup.

The updated version of the app is available right now on the Android Market and iTunes. You have to be driving a RemoteLink compatible vehicle for the app to work, check with OnStar to find out if your vehicle is compatible. I suspect only more recent models will work with RemoteLink.

[via Android Community]