GM interactive windows concept bring fun to road trips

The car technology world is growing rapidly with all sorts of cool new features inside cars to keep passengers entertained and drivers less distracted. We have a number of automakers today that are able to tie your smartphone to the car entertainment system for surfing the web and using apps. GM has something more ambitious in the works and is showing off a concept called the Windows of Opportunity project.

GM R&D has come up with a concept that makes the windows of the car a transparent display. In the front, the windows can show the driver navigation information, so they can keep eyes on the road. That would be very cool indeed, and it reminds me of the tech in the latest Mission Impossible movie. GM worked with students at the FUTURE LAB at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Israel with the students coming up with app ideas for the cool windows.

The apps the students came up with include Otto, Foofu, Spindow, and Pond. Otto puts a flying character over the landscape; Foofu makes faux stem on the windows that the kids can draw in; Pond is a music-streaming app, and Spindow lets the users peek into other windows that users around the world create. Sadly, GM says that it has no immediate plans to use these awesome windows in its vehicles. I bet this tech is crazy expensive right now.