Glucoboy Blood Sugar Tester

Christina Crouch - Dec 7, 2007

I’m just about the only person in my family who doesn’t need to test their blood sugar everyday. Maybe that’s a good thing but the gamer inside me is a little disappointed after seeing the Glucoboy, even though I don’t own Game Boy.

Glucoboy is a blood glucose meter that is built into a Game Boy Advanced cartridge (I do own a DS, does that mean it’s compatible?) The reasoning behind doing this is child orientated. If you’ve never had this done just picture with me… you have to stab yourself in the finger with a needle, it hurts, even if they tell you ‘oh don’t be a baby it doesn’t hurt at all’ yes it does. For kids with diabetes this can’t be an enjoyable time of day and sometimes you have to do it several times in a day. With Glucoboy though, the child (or adult) is rewarded with points every time they test their blood sugar levels. The points can then be used to unlock mini games for the GBA.

Right now Glucoboy is only being sold in Australia but there are hopes (from me as well) that it will go global. It’s retailing for around $260. I think it’s a grand idea. Kudos to it’s inventor, Paul Wessel!

Glucoboy Rewards Blood Sugar Testing With GBA and Online Gaming [via OhGizmo!]

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