GluCase phone case makes blood sugar testing mobile

GluCase aims to improve life for diabetics by merging smartphones and glucometers together into a single device. The device looks like an ordinary smartphone case, but features a built in blood glucose meter, which works with a related mobile app to present, store, and interpret the data. The data can also be shared with a care team, whether it is a doctor who is monitoring one's diabetes or to a caregiver concerned about a loved one's sugar levels.

The case features a lancet tool on the bottom and a testing strip on the side — both hide away inside of the case when not in use, but pop out when testing is needed. The strips and lancets, of course, can be changed after use. The test strip's reading is presented on the screen, and the data is added to the mobile app.

The case has several advantages over common glucose meters, the most obvious of which is that the case isn't obvious to others — one could discreetly test their blood glucose levels without others noticing. In addition, it means the glucose meter will always be available if the user has his or her smartphone, something not commonly forgotten.

The team behind the case, AkibaH, is seeking $50,000 USD in funding on Indiegogo, where it has so far raised about $2,000 with 29 days remaining. Backers can get a single GluCase phone case with a $69 USD pledge; the case will include an array of lancets and test strips, and will fit the four latest iPhone generations, as well as the Samsung Galaxy 5 and higher.

SOURCE: Indiegogo