Glowing Doorknob grips are cheap, slightly pointless

This is officially the doorknob that will end all of those strange black eyes. No longer will women be running into doors and achieving black eyes. Alright so domestic abuse might not be all that funny, but I've always found that excuse incredibly comical. Me being one of the clumsiest people I know, if I can't manage to get huge facial bruises from doors, then no one can.

As I mentioned above I am excessively clumsy, I quite often, get mystery bruises on my legs. That being said even I think this doorknob is more than a little silly. I mean really, I can't think of a single useful reason to have one of these.

Even if you used them in a child's room, as a kid that thing would have creeped me out. In the middle of the night it'd look like nothing more than an evil glowing eye. Yah, I was a skiddish kid, with entirely too much of an imagination. The doorknobs are made of a soft latex type material and are $18 for a 4-pack.

[via gearfuse]