Glove One: Talk to the hand, 'cos the Nokia ain't listening

If you've ever held your hand to your head, thumb and pinkie outstretched, and mouthed "call me" across a crowded room, then Glove One is the phone for you. The handiwork of Bryan Cera, and resembling a cross between a Michael Jackson stage costume and Iron Man's suit, Glove One builds a voice-only phone into a glove with buttons along the inside of the fingers.

Fear not, though, because this isn't the latest phone from Nokia, but art for art's sake. "It presents a futile and fragile technology with which to augment ourselves" Cera writes. "A cell phone which, in order to use, one must sacrifice their hand."

That sacrifice is mainly because trying to pick up anything bar the squashiest of squishy fruit will probably end up dialing someone. "What are we willing to sacrifice in order to participate in technology and social media?" Cera asks, though Glove One takes things even further by demanding an entire hand in return for nothing but calls: no Twitter, no messaging, no clandestine checking of Facebook walls.

If you're willing to make that sacrifice, Cera says plans for constructing your own Glove One are in the pipeline. We might stick with a Bluetooth headset and one of those big foam hands you get at ball games, though.

[via DesignTAXI]