Global Music Rights threatens YouTube with lawsuit

Google is making a strong push toward equipping YouTube with a plethora of legally sourced music (hence things like YouTube Music Key), but that doesn't mean illicitly posted videos have gone away, and as has always been the case, there are entities trying to get some of them removed. One such organization is Global Music Rights, which is threatening Google with a large lawsuit if it doesn't pull certain songs from YouTube, among them being popular hits by the Eagles and more.

Global Music Rights recently voiced its position on the matter to the folks at CNN Money, where its attorney Howard King said that the entity is "getting closer to having no alternative" over filing the lawsuit.

The licensing collective is looking to have the songs it owns pulled from YouTube. Under US copyright law, says King, Global Music Rights can sue YouTube for $150,000 in damages for every alleged violation taking place. Google, meanwhile, has reportedly resisted attempts to get the videos taken down.

According to King, "They incorrectly state that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows them to do nothing until the copyright owner identifies specific" alleged infringements that are taking place. Google/YouTube has not issued a statement regarding the lawsuit threat at this time.