Glaucoma Detecting Contacts Could Prevent Blindness

Brenda Barron - Aug 11, 2008
Glaucoma Detecting Contacts Could Prevent Blindness

As a contact lens wearer, this one has me interested. Apparently, some researchers at UC Davis have developed a special sort of “smart” contact lens that can detect eye pressure, thus catching glaucoma in its earliest stages. These super contacts can even distribute medication on-site, if needed.

The contacts use something called a PDMS or polydimethylsiloxane that detects eye pressure and sends any data found to a computer.

Since glaucoma is irreversible, it is important to be diagnosed early, making these contact lenses a good way to monitor your eye health before noticeable symptoms are present. And this isn’t some crazy, in the far future thing, either. Clinical trials on people will be starting soon at UC Davis. Looks like we might get a grip on glaucoma very soon, and that’s a good thing.

[via Gizmodo]

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