Glassware Development Kit to be previewed for devs at San Francisco hackathon

Thus far, Glass developers have been required to use the Mirror API, something that works well enough for now but has limitations in place that many developers would like to see done away with. That time is approaching, and will be kicked off by a previewing of the Glassware Developer Kit this month for a select number of developers.

This isn't to say that the Mirror API is unsavory, and that it can't be used to create attention-worthy Glassware apps, only that the native development kit will open up the world of possibilities in ways that are currently inhibited. Developers will be able to use C and Java for creating Glassware, as well, and the apps will be able to utilize the device's hardware.

Google Glass developers will be able to get a look at "the next phase" of Google's Glass Developer Platform at a hackathon in San Francisco this month. The Glassware Development Kit will be available for developers to test during the two-day event, which is limited in how many can attend, requiring those who got an invite to sign up asap.

There's not much more information at this point, but more details on the development kit is likely to surface once the hackathon event kicks off. A recording will take place that will be shared after the hackathon takes place, and starting in early December, the so-called Glass Developer Relations team will open to office hours in New York and Los Angeles.

SOURCE: Android Headlines