Glass scores Foursquare, TripIt, and OpenTable glassware

Brittany A. Roston - May 14, 2014, 11:59pm CDT
Glass scores Foursquare, TripIt, and OpenTable glassware

At the stroke of midnight, Google announced the latest perk for Glass owners, particularly those who like to hit the town or do a lot of travelling: new Glassware comprised of Foursquare, TripIt, and OpenTable, extending your ability to get around and let the world know it.

Glass users can get the new glassware from MyGlass, complementing the already-available travel-centric offerings like Maps and Field Trip. To commemorate the expansion, Google is encouraging its users to share their travels with Glass using the hashtag #travelthroughglass.

This follows the announcement earlier this evening that UC Irvine’s med students will all be equipped with Google Glass, making it the first university to so thoroughly integrate the technology into its curriculum. The distribution to students will wrap up in August.

Rumors recently surfaced on the second iteration of Google Glass, something that can be found alongside other recent news in our Glass tag portal. If you’ve a fond place in your heart for wearables, you can find more news on the devices in general by hitting up our SlashGear Wearables Hub.

SOURCE: Google+

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