Glass lead engineer bails to Oculus

Brittany A. Roston - May 16, 2014
Glass lead engineer bails to Oculus

Yesterday, rumbles surfaced regarding a change-up at Google, where lead electrical engineer Adrian Wong was rumored to have bailed from Glass to join the team at Oculus. As it turns out, his last day with Google was back on May 2.

The change was first spotted by the folks at TechCrunch, which noted that his LinkedIn called him a “Professional Daydreamer for Googe[x]”, but his current position was listed on the account as “Oculus VR”. Wong declined commenting on the matter.

His Facebook account has a public post from May 2 announcing that it was his last day with the Internet giant, a “#FreshStartFridays” tagged post that hinted at “more surprise news to come in the next two weeks.”

He followed this up on the two week mark yesterday with an “OP delivers” status on Facebook, where he confirmed his new position and tagged himself as “at Oculus VR”. There are no other details on the switch up at this time.

SOURCE: TechCrunch

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