Glass app lets doctors store exams, surgery videos in cloud

Nate Swanner - Jun 13, 2014, 12:54 pm CST
Glass app lets doctors store exams, surgery videos in cloud

Google Glass is being received positively in the medical community, where time is often essential. Doctors and Nurses alike enjoy the heads-up display, and ease of getting health records when seconds matter. We’ve seen Glass at work in various beta programs, but one Developer has created an app that lets doctors anywhere get access to our records.

Using cloud storage, the app will let Doctors upload patient interactions as well as health records. It’s like having your own place in the medical cloud; doctor visits could be videotaped with your approval, and uploaded to a cloud storage container. Box, a cloud storage solution popular with enterprise, is an early investor.

Called drchrono, the app is want to satiate the growing number of Doctors who want to use the heads-up wearable. The creators claim over 60,000 physicians use their electronic medical record system, with over 300 of those already using the Glass app. Currently available for free, the team hasn’t decided if they’l charge Doctors to use it one day.

There are other apps aiming to do the same, but many are struggling to find a way to navigate tricky HIPAA rules. The drchrono team already have their electronic records solution handled, so the app is simply an accompaniment. Storing records is one thing, but the ability to have other doctors review an exam or surgery could end up being beneficial to us all.

Source: Reuters

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