Glance aims to turn any watch into a smartwatch

Smartwatches are finding their way in the world, but there are still those who prefer a regular wristwatch. For them, the decision to get a smartwatch is a bit more troubling. Do you lose the mechanical reliability for cool notifications? A new gadget named Glance doesn't force you to make that decision.

The device looks a lot like a smartwatch, but it's not meant to be one. Glance has a small OLED screen, meant to push notifications to you at a — well, at a glance. The device also has a 3D motion detector, and Spritz for quick reading. Bluetooth 4.0 and an LED notification light are also tossed in.

Glance is also waterproof up to five meters, and comes in three sizes — 18mm, 22mm and 26mm. Those sizes fit just about any standard watch band, so it's ready to go right out of the box. The display shows things like caller ID, messages, and even lets you respond to either with a button. Built out of aluminum, Glance is built to last.

Currently being funded on Kickstarter, Glance one that could be the easiest workaround for smartwatch fans who can't bear the thought of ditching their swiss-movement piece. Though a simple device which comes at a time when smartwatches are getting more powerful and complex, Glance may strike a balance for the silent wristwatch minority.

Source: Kickstarter