Gizmodo claims iPhone launching on Monday October 18th

Vincent Nguyen - Dec 15, 2006, 8:56 pm CST

Dude, this is so wrong – a three sentence article from Gizmodo…on the iPhone! Brian, I expect more from a senior staff of Gizmodo.


All right, I’ll buy it given this is Gizmodo, and it’s not like the site needs to pull a hoax to drive more traffic to the site. I can however say that if this turns out to be nothing more than bullshit, the site will lose a lot of credibility.

I got a tip in about the iPhone a couple of days back, and attached were two images which I didn’t even bother to give it a second look. Now I wonder if there’s some merit to it. Here’s the message from the tip I got in.

the iPhone is real. the iPhone will come out at Macworld January. the iPhone’s firmware will be open source. the iPhone will have 802.11g and have wireless features better than the zune. the iPhone photos are real. the iPhone will have a click wheel and a touch wheel. the iPhone will be “small as…” (kevinrose). the iPhone will not come out if you say my name when in ur blog.

Gizmodo claims iPhone launching on Monday October 18th

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