Girly Gamer Gear

More and more girly gamers are getting outraged over the way they are treated. We get these games that are supposedly targeted at us that are pure fluff. Some of us are getting annoyed at the gamer apparel for women.

I have noticed that a lot of the really cool tees only come in men's clothes and sometimes we like t-shirts that were actually made for us. This particular princess tee annoyed both male and female gamers alike. Since this tee annoyed me so much, I decided to look for some serious girly gamer gear (say that five times fast).

If you search through the archives of Jinx, Penny Arcade, Think Geek or Hot Topic you should find what you are looking for. I found Jinx and Penny Arcade to have the best selection. The prices pretty much all range right around the $20 area.

Girls Like Video Game T-Shirts Too [via Kotaku]