Gioteck reveals the HF-1 PS3 controller for FPS players

Shane McGlaun - Jun 22, 2010
Gioteck reveals the HF-1 PS3 controller for FPS players

My favorite video game genre is the first person shooter. I started playing them on the PC years and years ago back when you couldn’t get a FPS title on a console. Now that pretty much all FPS games are on the console, I still prefer the PC. Mostly I prefer the PC because I am so used to the mouse and keyboard and can’t play as smoothly with a game controller.

Gioteck has announced its HF-1 controller for the PS3 and the company says that the controller is designed primarily for FPS players. The controller connects to the PS3 via Bluetooth and is designed to fit in the hand comfortably.

The controller uses an Xbox 360 layout, which I don’t like as much as the standard PS3 layout personally. The controller also features a programmable turbo button for rapid fire action in games. The control also has a Flipswitch button that changes the R1 and R2 functionality. Gioteck says the controller will be in stores before Christmas.

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