Gioteck In2Link module adds new connectivity to PS3 Slim

I just mentioned that Gioteck was getting set to offer its cool looking MX-1 remote control in the US for the PS3. I mentioned that you needed some sort of IR receiver to be able to control the PS3 using the remote and Gioteck has a very interesting In2Link module that is set to come to market that will work with the MX-1 and offers lots more.

The device is designed to add back in some of the connectivity features that the PS3 lost when it went on its diet. The In2Link is a module that plugs into the two USB ports on the front of the slim console. It then provides three fully powered USB ports of its own.

Those three ports are hid behind spring-loaded doors and it also has a wide-angle IR receiver for line of sight reception. Add-on modules for the system are also coming with one featuring a retractable mini USB cable for charging controllers. Later a module adding in a SD card reader and a CF reader are coming.