Gionee M2017 smartphone has dual curve display, huge 7000mAh battery

A new smartphone has turned up out of China called the Gionee M2017 and the device has some nice features and a very attractive style. The smartphone has a screen with dual curved edges similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. That screen is a 5.7-inch AMOLED unit with 2K resolution and 518 PPI.

For those unfamiliar, 2K resolution works out to 2560 x 1440. It also has DCI P3 coverage up to 93% for rich and varied colors. The rear camera is a dual offering with advanced image processing and 2x optical zoom paired with 8x digital zoom. Resolution for the rear camera is 12MP with dual-core autofocus tech and a large aperture for quality in low light conditions.

The processor is a Qualcomm 653 running at up to 1.95GHz and it is paired with 6GB of RAM and a 510 GPU. Power is provided by a 7,000 mAh internal battery that is actually a pair of 3,500 mAh batteries tucked inside. The maker promises 31.74 hours of talk time per charge and up to 25.89 hours of video playback. The big batteries also charge quickly thanks to 24W Quick charge 3.0 tech.

Internal storage is 128GB and the smartphone supports dual SIM cards. Other features include a fingerprint reader on the bottom of the front screen that is covered with sapphire glass for durability. The M2017 smartphone sells for ¥ 6999 or about $1,007 US. There is no word on availability outside China.

SOURCE: Gionee