Gilty Couture iPod cases add a lot of bling to your iPod for not a lot of dough

James Allan Brady - Feb 1, 2008

The cases are gold or silver plate, the crystals are swarovski, and the combination of the two looks both classy and fashionable. There isn’t an overabundance of crystals, they aren’t in places where they really don’t belong, and it’s a perfect balance.

They come from Metallo Design, a company that has a few different sub companies all of which make something protective or fashionable for one or more of Apple’s products, so they have some experience. After talking with the CEO at MacWorld, this company is headed places, and it all started with their aluminum iPod Cases, now they have the Gilty Couture line, and it looks amazing.

If you thought you fell in love with your iPod the first time you saw it as you pulled it out of the packaging, try putting one of these cases on it and see if it doesn’t do the same thing for you all over again. Even the packaging is classy with a paper product that has a suede texture to it that makes up the box, each case comes wrapped inside some tissue paper, then that is put inside a nice smooth stretchy pouch with a drawstring (its made so you can continue to use it to keep your Gilty case from getting scratched) and then that is placed inside the flip top box and slid into a matching cover case that keeps the lid from coming up in shipping.

On the boxes there are tons of Gilty logos and inscriptions of the company name, but the inscription that most got my attention was the one in the bottom of the box, the one you can’t see fully until you remove the case from the box, it says “The Envy Of Your Style”, when really it’s the envy of everyone around you. Now I said in the title that they added some bling to your iPod for not a lot of dough, and I meant it, with their iPod Shuffle line getting down as low as $50 and not a single case going over the $300 price tag. As you can see, they sent me two cases, one for an 80GB iPod Classic, and one for my iPod Touch, the iPod Touch case that I received goes for $125 and the 80GB iPod Classic case goes for $175 (because there is more precious metal involved) so they are very reasonable prices, and yes, they make cases for the iPhone as well.

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