GIGB serves up LED lighting

Staff Editor - Dec 31, 2006

A company based in the UK called GIGB is selling LED units that are meant to be placed in rooms as an alternative to regular light sources in homes. The LEDs come in different shades and can instantly change the colour of the room. Although some colours aren’t too vibrant, LED lights are seen as a futuristic way of lighting rooms.

This concept was tested out by Penney Poyzer, a “guru” when it comes to the environment. She used environment-friendly paint on the cabinets, an energy-saving “induction hob”, and LED lights that are replaced every hundred-thousand hours.

You can find out where all the equipment and cabinets were bought over at Style Will Save Us, while the LED lights are from GIGB.

The Green Guru – Kitchen Confidential [Via: Style Will Save Us]

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