Gigantic Nerf Gun shoots plunger-tipped pool noodles at 40mph

If you have ever been involved in a NERF war, you know that not all NERF weapons are created equal. Some shoot single darts a few feet, while others can hurl ounces and ounces of suction cup tipped darts out you each second. Rest assured in any conventional NERF war, every one of those darts are aimed at your eyes or your groin, 'tis the way of war. A former NASA engineer took it upon himself to craft the ultimate weapon of NERF doom, and so he did.

The massive NERF gun is many times the size of the toys you buy down at the store. This beast shoots custom-made darts comprised of plunger ends wrapped in pool noodles. It can shoot these darts at speeds up to 40mph thanks to compressed air from a 3000-psi paintball canister. Whatever you do, don't get into a NERF war with Mark Rober, he will literally destroy your soul with his NERF gun.

His YouTube video shows off the gun he created with a bit of help from fellow engineers. The trio proceeds to pit the gun against standard NERF guns that look like the massive beast Rober created in a series of tasks. Naturally, the giant gun carries much more power. The massive gun can also toss foamy ordinance a very long distance downrange.

Each shot is powered by about 80psi of air pressure from the main canister. That means about 20 shots from a single container. The gun actually holds five darts and the chamber has to be rotated for each shot. One nephew does get destroyed with a 40mph massive dart. I bet it left a mark. A video is also out there that shows you how to build one of the NERF cannons for yourself. NERF wars just got real.