Gigantic 1/4 scale Iron Man Hulkbuster action figure is four feet tall

Collectibles can get to be very expensive things with some action figures coasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars. With the flick Avengers: Age of Ultron set to hit theaters soon, a new action figure is being shown off to celebrate the film and it may well be the most expensive action figure ever made.

The action figure is a recreation of the Hulkbuster Iron Man suit of armor from Age of Ultron and it is a 1/4 scale kit. That means it stands about four feet tall. That is taller than some toddlers. Inside the Hulkbuster armor, you can see the Iron Man armor inside.

The makers of the figure are Comicave Studios and Play Imaginative and they say that the figure will have animatronics and a range of articulation. The figure in the images here is a prototype, so some of the details could change before the final product is available.

I can only imagine how expensive this action figure will be. My guess is in the tens of thousands range. This is easily one of the coolest collectibles I have ever seen and would look great in my mansion if I hit the lottery.

SOURCE: Toyark