Gigabyte T1028M Touchnote gets unboxed

We've been talking about the T1028M Touchnote for awhile now, but nothing gets us more excited than full, genuine unboxing and that's precisely what we came across today. The Gigabyte T1028M Touchnote got its moment in the sun today with a full unboxing over at UMPCPortal. This portable seemed to pretty much live up to expectations, though there was a disappointment factor when it came to the battery.

Featuring a super quick SATA disk with 61MB/s for read and 56MB/s for write, this device holds up to whatever you ask of it. It also has smooth touch capability on the tablet. You can have 3G pre-installed, and that seemed to be working well, too.

Fan noise is still a bit loud, but the overall noise and heat issues that the M912 had, seem to be resolved now. The keyboard is a good size as well. However, the battery life seems to only last for about 2.5-hours, which is a slight disappointment.

Check out the full unboxing video below: