Gibson Trainer headphones target runners with safety LEDs

Many headphones targeted at runners are of the earbud variety, which is usually the preferred form for those out running. Still, there are those who prefer over-ear headphones, and Gibson has moved to satisfy those users with its new Trainer cans. The Gibson Trainer headphones have some features that make them particularly useful for runners, including embedded LED lights that are intended to make runners more visible — and, thusly, more safe — when jogging at night. The device was made in partnership with Usain Bolt.

According to Gibson, its Trainer headphones offer different bits of tech that haven't ever been "brought together in one device". In addition to those LEDs — called NightNav — the Trainer headphones also feature SafeSound, which are the 40mm open-acoustic drivers said to offer "pumping beats and bass".

The Aeroflex design allows users to switch them into a mode more conducive to use during strenuous activity, while CoolTouch refers to the "NASA space technology" fabric Gibson chose for the cushions. There's Phase Change Materials for both absorbing and releasing heat, for example. The WeatherSeal, meanwhile, keeps the device safe from moisture.

FreeMove is what they refer to the battery and connectivity aspects of Trainer, which offers 10 hours of battery life on a charge and Bluetooth for pairing with a smartphone or similar device. All in all, the cans will be arriving this upcoming April for $239 USD.

SOURCE: PRNewswire