Gibson sues all comers over Paper Jamz Guitars

Shane McGlaun - Nov 24, 2010
Gibson sues all comers over Paper Jamz Guitars

Gibson has a patent attorney on retainer and has never been afraid to use suits to get its way. The latest suit to come from the legendary guitar maker is being brought against Paper Jamz and just about every retailer that sells the guitars Paper Jamz makes.

If you have missed these guitars, you can walk into your local Walmart and other stores to see them. They are flat, stringless guitars that people can actually play. The suit stems from the fact that some of the most popular models Paper Jamz sells look like Gibson designs. In fact, Paper Jamz refers to the Gibson models in some of its marketing apparently.

Naturally, Gibson wants some loot for licensing of the designs. I have to wonder if Paper Jamz will just redesign the guitars and move on. After all, the design of a guitar isn’t rocket science. Along with Paper Jamz Gibson is also suing Amazon, Walmart, Target, Toys “R” Us and any one else selling them including eBay. I wonder if things are really this bad financially over at Gibson.

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