Gibson rolling out another auto-tuning guitar - its bright, shiny, metallic, purple

You know that robotic guitar that Gibson rolled out last year that could auto tune itself to a number of different scales and were programmable to any custom tuning you required? It was like the most badass guitar ever, well they are making a new version that will be more widely available, since getting your hands on one of the originals was nigh impossible.

The downside is that they may not need to make many more of them as the first thing most buyers are going to have to do is to have it re-finished in some other color than the bright, shiny, metallic purple that it comes in. The new version will be the SG version of the robotic guitar.

I got to see the original in action at CES this year and it really is as awesome as it sounds. You set it to tune, strum it a few times and let it adjust the strings, then once it's all adjusted you push the knob back in and you are ready to rock. Next they need to work on an acoustic/electric hybrid version of this.

[via Crave]