Gibson Powertune - The Guitar that tunes itself

I've been playing the plastic guitar since the original Guitar Hero, so I'm pretty good at rocking out. However, I've recently picked up a six string and found it to be somewhat more complicated than the 5 colored buttons that I'm used to. One of the annoying things is that my newer, heavier guitar seems to get out of tune. I never had that problem with my SG controller. However, Gibson has created a new six string that doesn't need to be tuned.

Well, every guitar needs to be tuned, but the new Powertune-equipped guitars from Gibson do all the hard work for you. The guitars have a set of piezoelectric pickups next to your traditional magnetic ones that can identify the teach pitch of each individual string. It then sends the signal through a digital sound-processing system that then tunes the guitar.

I come from a family of musicians, so I know how much time is spent tuning a guitar. While it doesn't take that long to do it, and a good guitar will stay in tune for a while, it would still be great to not have to hassle with it.

Self-Tuning Guitar From The Gibson Guitar Gods [via gearfuse]