Gibbs Quadski XL four-wheel jetski adds a second seat

JC Torres - Jun 23, 2014
Gibbs Quadski XL four-wheel jetski adds a second seat

Gibbs is at it again. Almost two years after unveiling its rather unique four-wheel-slash-jetski Quadski ATV, it is now showing off the Quadski XL. This ATV, however, isn’t just extra large for no reason, as the extra space that it has gained makes room for something the original Quadski lacked: a second passenger.

The Quadski was designed to be the ultimate personal all-terrain vehicle (ATV), though it might have taken the term “personal” a bit too literally. For all its features that would tempt you to go on your most adventurous journeys, the machine is ultimately a one-seater, making it impossible to share the thrill of the ride with somebody else. At least, not safely or comfortably. Gibbs has now set to correct that glaring omission with the Quadski XL, built for sharing.

In almost everything else, the Quadski is the same as its older but less spacious brother. It is powered by the same BMW-supplied engine, a 1300cc 4-stroke in-line 4 cylinder beast that allows it to reach 140 hp on water. It is also impressive that it retained the same max speed of 45 mph, both on land and on water, despite the redesigned features.

What probably hasn’t remained the same is the price tag. The original Quadski reached a $40,000 retail price and the Quadski XL could actually reach higher, though we would also like to be pleasantly surprised when an official pricing announcement is made. The Quadski XL is available in four standard colors of red, blue, yellow, and silver. However, there are also custom colors available, like Camo for example, but for an additional $2,500.


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