Quadski is nothing like a brewski

There are plenty of amphibious vehicles already out there, but those tend to be large and bulky vehicles that might not be ideal for getting around in the tight confines of some off-road spaces like an ATV can. The new amphibious vehicle has surfaced that appears to be a combination of a four-wheeler, and a jet ski called the Quadski. The vehicle is designed to carry one person and will cost more than a nice new car.

The Quadski is a true all-terrain vehicle designed to operate on water and on land. The ATV wheels retract up in out-of-the-way allowing the boat-like vehicle to cruise through lakes or ponds. The biggest downside to the Quadski that I can see is cost, when it goes on sale in the US it will cost around $40,000.

The vehicle was made by company in Michigan called Gibbs Amphibians Inc, and the company hopes to sell the vehicle globally by 2014. The vehicle uses a four-cylinder BMW supplied engine and is capable of up to 45 mph on land or in the water. 45 mph isn't fast on land, but that's moving at a brisk clip on water.

The Quadski can be driven straight into water and at the press of a button, the wheels will retract up and out of the way for water cruising in about 5 seconds. The designers of this amphibious vehicle claim that it's the first land vehicle available for sale that can go over 10 mph in the water. The hull of the vehicle is made from fiberglass.

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