GIANT ROBOT DUEL is real: see USA's Eagle Prime bot roll out

Today the robot-creators at MegaBots revealed their fully-built and painted battle robot: EAGLE PRIME! This Giant Robot Duel (the first of its kind) was scheduled earlier this year between the United States and China (AND JAPAN!), and MegaBots will represent with the most patriotic mecha-robot ever built. Today you get to see it, the first MK3-class MegaBot ever created.

The folks at MegaBots say this monster costed them a monstrous amount to make: $2.5-million USD. Inside is a 430 horsepower V8 LS3 engine surrounded by one whole heck of a lot of metal parts – and protection for two pilots. Human pilots – this is not a remote-controlled sort of adventure.

This massive mech is 16-feet tall and weighs in at 12 tons. In the video you'll see below, MegaBots shows Eagle Prime for the first time in all its fully-constructed glory. It's like Battle Bots, but bigger! This event has been a long time coming!

Next is the closest thing we have to a real-life video of the Monkey King. This is the China-made robot that'll be taking on the USA-based Eagle Prime. This bot is less about guns and more about punching one's proverbial lights out. This Monkey King was made by Shiquian Sun.

Next there's Japan's Suidobashi Heavy Industry! In the video that comes up next, SHI CEO, founder, creator Kogoro Kurata speaks about his response to the USA team MegaBots' challenge. Kuratas!

What's odd here is the mix-up between the China-based battle and the Japan-based battle. It seems that challenges were issued between the USA's team to/from both Japan's Suidobashi H.I. and China's Shiquian Sun, and both challenges were accepted. The first battle (USA VS JAPAN) is scheduled for August (some time this month, exact day not yet known). The other battle between USA and China has not yet been scheduled.

Stick around and we'll be delivering both final fights right here on SlashGear – smashing, destroying, and terrible mistakes included! Once the first battle is finalized and fought, filmed, and produced, we'll be a whole lot more confident about the future of this sport. For now we're just crossing our fingers really hard.

IF this battle actually happens and Giant Robot Duel becomes a real, recurring, actual event, you can bet your biffy SlashGear will be covering the whole sport. Stick around and see – tap in on our Robotics tag portal and see how far the rabbit hole goes...