Giant LEGO AT-AT built with over 6,000 bricks

Lego building blocks have been around for generations and people can create some amazing items using the little bricks. There are a huge number of official Lego sets including some sets that are for recreating ships that were used in various Star Wars movies over the decades. There is even an official Star Wars Lego AT-AT set.

That official set has about a thousand pieces, which sounds quite large. It wasn't large enough for a guy called Peter Brookdale who came up with a massive AT-AT that uses 6,000 bricks in its design. You can't buy that as a kit, but you can cobble it together if you acquire the bricks needed for the build.

This time-lapse video shows what it is like to build such a massive Lego creation. This isn't Brookdales's build, this is a build by a person named Charlie Goldburg from BrickVault. He bought all the bricks to replicate the build that Brookdale pioneered.

In the time lapse, you get to see the finished product and then spend almost 14 minutes seeing the giant AT-AT come to life. If you have ever looked at these massive Lego creations as finished products and wondered how exactly they can support their own weight, this video answers some of those questions.

SOURCE: The Awesomer