Giant Google Pixel 5 leak seals the deal

The Google Pixel 5 just leaked in a very big way. This device was shown in renderings made from CAD drawings of the device, showing the device front, back, and sides. This view of the device essentially shares the entirety of the smartphone's secrets, including camera placement, display size, fingerprint sensor confirmation, and relative spacing.

The Google Pixel 5 shown here looks a whole lot like the Google Pixel 4a. The differences to the average onlooker will seem very, very inconsequential. The abilities given to the user of one or the other will vary in several key ways – starting with the camera.

Up front you'll see a single punch-hole in the device's near full frontside coverage flat display. This camera is likely an upgraded module from the Google Pixel 4a – while it would appear that the rest of the front-facing sensors are either gone entirely, or hidden under the display panel.

The Google Pixel 5 shown here is approximately 144.7 x 70.4 x 8.1mm through most of its form, with an 8.5mm thickness with the camera array bump. This device will almost certainly always carry the most updated, most feature-packed version of Android direct from Google, which matches the main value proposition of each previously-released Google Pixel phone.

The Google Pixel 5 will likely be launched in a single display size, removing the "XL" version from the equation. This new device will likely be priced around the same as the Google Pixel 4 at launch.

Imagery here comes from OnLeaks with PriceBaba. As it generally goes, OnLeaks works with Pricebaba to post the images first as part of a cross-brand watermark deal. OnLeaks created the images using CAD drawings sourced from somewhere along the manufacturing line before Google releases images of their own. These devices will likely launch in September of 2020.