Giant eagle Kodiak is on the loose in Pittsburgh after aviary escape

A giant eagle measuring around four feet tall is on the loose in Pittsburgh after managing to escape from a local aviary. The eagle has been living the free life for around a week, though it continues to make the occasional appearance around the aviary, his home for many years. Humanely capturing the eagle has proven tricky.

The great eagle escape occurred on September 25 at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to aviary officials, the Steller's sea eagle Kodiak managed to get out of his habitat in late September and, despite their best efforts, he has continued to evade capture by animal experts. The aviary has advice for the public, as well as regular social media updates on the matter.

Among other things, National Aviary asks the public to call them if someone spots Kodiak, but emphasizes that no one should approach him as he'll just fly away. As well, the experts note that if you happen to be in Pittsburgh and spot the giant eagle, you should be mindful of sudden movements and other things that may spook the eagle, causing him to leave.

You'll know that you spotted Kodiak ("Kody") when you see him, as he is larger than the more commonly known bald eagle. In addition to his distinctive brown color, yellow beak, and white tail feathers, Kodiak sports a massive 6ft wingspan.

You can see additional images of Kodiak, as well as updates on the attempt to bring him home, on the National Aviary's Instagram account. In the most recent post on the account, the aviary revealed that based on citings, its team believes the eagle is hanging around North Park and Riverview Park, as well as the surrounding areas.