Giada i53 aims at HTPCs with Ivy Bridge and USB 3.0

A manufacturer has finally decided to build a mini PC featuring silicon other than Intel's Atom or AMD's various APUs. In this case it's Giada, today announcing its new i53 "book sized" mini PC. The company has managed to cram in Intel's Ivy Bridge processors into a 26mm thick chassis, saying that the whole package only consumes 35W. The other specs aren't bad either.

The PC comes with a Core i5 processor by default, but there's options for Core i3 and Core i7 chips as well. 4GB of RAM comes as standard, as does a 500GB HDD. The integrated HD 4000 GPU will handle high-definition video with ease via the HDMI output, and there's a VGA output as well. The company has thrown in a remote control for good measure, and you can boot the PC using the remote too.

Ports for the PC include 4x USB 2.0, and a single USB 3.0 jack. In addition, there's gigabit Ethernet, WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth, and a multi format card reader. Still, you'll be paying a little more for the extra horsepower, with the default build costing around $520. Giada hasn't said exactly when the i53 will be shipping, but you should be able to pick it up from Amazon or Newegg in the not too distant future.