Ghostbusters World AR mobile game lets anyone catch ghosts

Mobile gamers will soon have a new augmented reality game based on the Ghostbusters franchise: "Ghostbusters World." This AR game offers a more immersive gaming experience than an ordinary mobile title, one where players will get to capture hundreds of ghosts that appear to exist within their physical world. This is the latest instance of a franchise that capitalizes on the growing technology.

Perhaps the best known augmented reality mobile game is Pokemon Go, which places Pokemon creatures within the player's own physical environment. The Ghostbusters World game promises to do something similar, though it has only been teased for now — the companies behind it say they'll have more things about it to announce in the future.

Ghostbusters World is being created by Sony Pictures Entertainment Consumer Products and Ghost Corps with FourThirtyThree Inc in the pipeline as publisher. According to the trio, Ghostbusters World will offer skill-based gameplay in addition to other things that they aren't revealing at this time.

Among the gameplay will be battles with ghosts, as well as the ability to capture them. Players will find elements from the entire Ghostbusters franchise in this game, including those from the comic books and the TV shows. New ghosts will be included in this game, but we haven't been given a look at them yet. The game will be available for iOS and Android when it launches, but additional details haven't been given yet.