Ghost Recon Commander to invade Facebook

Ubisoft is preparing to bring its popular Ghost Recon franchise to Facebook. The social version of the strategic combat game is called Ghost Recon Commander and is being developed by Loot Drop. The game will not only encourage gameplay with your Facebook friends but will also integrate with other titles of the Ghost Recon series.

There aren't too many details on Ghost Recon Commander just yet, but gamers should expect it to have high production values as seen in console quality games. It will support asynchronous play with friends and will include a few "twists" that will make it a new style of social gaming where you'll really need your friends to play, said Ubisoft's Chris Early to Pocket Gamer.

Early also revealed that the game will be tied to other titles in the Ghost Recon series in a way that would encourage more gameplay overall. For instance, playing Ghost Recon Future Soldier on the console would help you unlock characters, experience points, and currency that can be used for Ghost Recon Commander on Facebook and vice versa.

[via Kotaku]