Getting your car connected - Vega as a Carputer

People have been putting computers into their cars for years now, and manufacturers are playing (slow) catch-up themselves, but for the DIYer it's generally been a tricky bout of origami fitting all the screens, boxes and cables in for a neat install.  Well, Microsoft -perhaps unwittingly - made things a whole lot easier with, ironically, their Origami concept (later to become UMPC, the butt of many myopic reviewers' scorn); a full computer with a seven inch touchscreen that manufacturers are often offering with an in-car mount.  All of a sudden it's ridiculously easy to put a PC in your car, and then the struggle becomes picking the right hardware and interface software for your needs.  Enter Steve over at The Carrypad UMPC Journal.

Steve is currently trying out how well the Raon Digital Vega UMPC works in his daily ride, and has posted the first of a series of three articles designed to help budding carputerists find the best system for them.  Well worth keeping an eye on if you've ever thought "it'd be really useful to have GPS/my music collection/internet connection right now".

Carputer Day at Carrypad. Pt1 of 3 [The Carrypad UMPC Journal]