Getting Ready for the First Keynote at Google I/O

Today at 9AM Pacific Time is the first Google keynote speech. We're in the crowd waiting in line for the door to open, along with about fifteen billion other people. But we will be giving you the big news first! We'll be ready with not only news, but analysis, and our thoughts on what the announcements mean. Ice Cream Sandwich? Google music service? Chrome? You'll see it first here. [Update: We're in, and its starting now!]

This is just the first of many keynotes, announcements and talks we'll be having with and on Google's biggest event of the year for developers (aka their biggest event of the year period.) We're expecting some huge Android news, some huge news on Google Chrome both as a browser and as an OS, and some new devices to be revealed here and there MAYBE. We'll see. Stay with us, and be sure to like us on Facebook for the most timely updates.