Get YouTube Music "early access" now: Here's how

YouTube Music's 2018 reincarnation just launched, and it's available for SOME users. If you live in the United States, Mexico, Austalia, New Zealand, or South Korea, you might be in luck. Today Google launched "early access" to YouTube Music for some users – but not ALL users.

In the article YouTube Music Premium: 5 things you need to know, I've included a timeline of releases from Google. This is not the first time they've released a service with a name like this, but it is the first time they've integrated their services in just this way. This is different from YouTube Music Key, and it's not the same as YouTube Red, and it has a different name than Google Play Music – because it's a different service.

• Google Play Music (2011)

• Google Play Music All Access (2013)

• YouTube Music Key (defunct) (2014)

• YouTube Red (renamed YouTube Premium) (2015 / 2018)

• YouTube Music (2018)

In the video below you'll see what YouTube Music is going to look like in app form. This is the NEW app, coming in a new update to the app that's already on the market. The app that was out this morning is different from the app update that's coming to SOME users this afternoon.

"To the Google Play Music users out there, nothing will change – you'll still be able to access and add to all of your purchased music, uploads and playlists in Google Play Music just like always," said Elias Roman, Product Manager, YouTube Music. To gain access as soon as possible, users are asked to sign up to get notified.

Over at Music dot YouTube is the link. Tap in and give Google more of your time and money. Go! But before you go, be sure to download the YouTube Music app as soon as possible. You can get it for iOS on the Apple app store or for your Android device over at Google Play.