Get your friends with the GotchaBox

Do you enjoy the shock factor that comes with gifts? I generally like spending way more money than I have on people, just because they look so cute when they get excited. Every so often I throw in a prank gift just to spice things up too. Now there is the GotchaBox, so you can buy them that meaningful gift, but still have a little fun along the way.

The GotchaBox is just a box with fake products advertised on the front. They feature the Make-Your-Own Umbrella Kit, the USB Toaster and the Salt of the Month Club; these three come as a set upon purchase. When they open the box they will see the bright yellow piece of paper that says "Gotcha!" My parents have always been well known for putting things in boxes that aren't the original packaging. One year my brother wanted a guitar and asked for one over and over, he got it but they stuck it inside a box made for a toolbox. To this day I check inside the box before showing my full reaction.

If you too would like to scar your children and family for life the box set is priced at $18.99.

Give The Gift Of The GotchaBox [via geeksugar]