Get a cell phone signal over your cable internet line

If you live in an area similar to mine, if you go too far out of town you'll start running into areas in the country where your cell phone wouldn't even dream of getting a signal. Now just imagine living in one of these areas, (my dad does) you can forget about even leaving your cell phone on, because it's never going to ring.

Samsung has unveiled a device that they hope will solve this issue for home users that can't get a cell phone signal. The UbiCell works by hooking into your cable internet connection via Ethernet and provides you with a working signal. That seems like a pretty cool idea.

There's only one small snag in this great plan. Everyone that I know that lives in an area that doesn't get a wireless signal has no hope of getting cable internet service this decade. Their odds seem better that someone will build a cell phone tower in their backyard before they get anything better than dial-up internet.

Samsung UbiCell Provides Cell Coverage for Unabomber-Types [via gizmodo]

[via gizmodo]