Get a $100 gift card when you buy a PS3 at Walmart

Since it was released, the PS3 has had one major thing working against it, and that's the high price. It has seen price cuts, but it still remains the most expensive current-gen system on the market. However, if you're looking to purchase one in the next couple of weeks, you might want to check over at Walmart.

You aren't actually going to be getting a PS3 for less than $399 from them, however, if you do purchase one of the consoles, you'll get a nice $100 gift card. So while you haven't technically saved any money, you will have an extra $100 to spend in-store.

Your best bet is to wait until June 12 and grab the Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle, because we all know you're probably going to buy the game anyway. Since the del will be good until the 15th, you'll still get your valuable gift card.

[via Joystiq]