GE's new sous vide probe talks to induction cooktops

You probably don't cook sous vide, and that's a shame. Though it's counter intuitive to much of what you know about cooking, sous vide often does a much better job of cooking your proteins evenly; often perfectly. We've covered several sous vide add-ons here at SlashGear, but GE's entry might be the most intriguing. It's also the most frustrating. The simple clip-on accessory monitors the water temp in your pot, and communicates with their new line of ranges to turn the heat up or down.

Sous vide cooking devices routinely venture into the hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of dollars price range, which is a bit much for the average consumer to plop down on a gadget they won't use daily or weekly. GE's new sensor eases that spending frustration. Almost.

GE's probe monitors the temp of the water in your pot, then communicates wirelessly with their new lineup of induction cooktops to regulate the temp. Too hot, and your range cools; to cool, and the temp goes back up. You don't have to babysit food while it cooks, which is handy.

Sous vide cooking also needs circulation, so it seems GE is content to have the natural ebb and flow of simmering water move your food about.

The temperature probe will cost $150. GE's new induction cooktops? $1,500 or more. There isn't even an app right now, so you couldn't use this as a standalone product.

Sous vide is awesome, and if you're looking for a new induction cooktop, GE has some pretty cool options in their lineup. This probe would make a decent addition to your setup, too. For the rest of us, those connected sous vide machines sound pretty affordable right about now.

Source: GE