Gerp Mount wants to hold all your gadgets

You probably have a lot of handheld devices — tablets, phones, cameras, and more — and utilizing them effectively isn't always that simple. Holding onto a tablet for a long period of time can become a hand strain, for example, and as cameras get tinier they also become harder to handle. Various stands and mounts are available for different types of gadgets, but the folks behind Gerp Mount want to simplify those by offering an all-in-one handle of sorts that can handle mostly any type of gadget.

The Gerp Mount, its odd name aside, looks like a nifty gadget, and unlike some competing products its design makes no bones about what its intended use is. Using the suction cup on the end, users can attach the handle to just about any gadget with a smooth surface (or a car windshield to hold a smartphone/GPS unit, for example) and be removed without damage.

For gadgets that don't have a large smooth surface, the other end of the mount is a standard 1/4-20 bolt for mounting any device that has a tripod mount (cameras, for example). The grip itself features a non-slip textured surface and is designed for several different types of gripping.

The folks behind the Gerp Mount — "Team Gerp" — are looking to fund their device on Kickstarter, where they have raised $4,818 of their $15,000 goal with 28 days remaining. A pledge of $25 will get a first-run Gerp Mount, which will be shipping this upcoming April.

SOURCE: Kickstarter