German's get laser dentist drill

I hate the dentist. I brush and floss and do all that stuff, but I still don't go unless my tooth hurts. I think think my dentist is a sadist. He always starts drilling, then pushes the drill half way through my jaw and when I go into rigor in the chair he asks me "did that hurt?" I usually just mumble since his hands are down my throat.

When they finally come up with a drill that doesn't make that horrible sound and hurt and stuff, I might not hate going to the dentist. Ok, that's a lie. Over in Germany they are working with a sweet laser drill that is designed to cover treatment of soft tissue.

The device is called the Dio-Lase and has a 7-watt diode laser that is self-contained in a hand held device. Not quite as exciting as a dental laser that can be used to drill teeth, but it's a start.