German SkySail Saves Daily Fuel Cost By Thousands

Trae McNeely - Dec 5, 2006
German SkySail Saves Daily Fuel Cost By Thousands

It’s huge, pricey, but it’s saving daily fuel costs by up to $1,000. After years of testing the SkySail, a 160-square-meter kite, will be installed on German vessels to cute the cost of fuel. The SkySail should come as no surprise. Kites were often utilized in maritime travel to harness wind power and propel ships forward. What makes the SkySail significant is its usage on huge, cargo vessels that carry oil, cars, and other goods. Estimates say the SkySail will cut fuel used by up to 20 percent and it’s a welcome piece of technology, because it cuts emissions and it’s environmentally friendly. The MV Beluga SkySail is currently in product and it will include a paraglider sail and a “smart” central steerage unit. First sail is set for 2007. The SkySail isn’t a laptop, plasma, or USB accessories but it’s a definite piece of technology that uses the Earth’s resources to create a better planet.

If you own a huge vessel and you’re concern about fuel I suggest you guy one. It cost $660,000 to $3.3 million, so it’s no biggie. With ships carrying 90 percent of all world goods this may cut the cost of electronics over time so the SkySail is a step in the right direction. By the year 2015, 1,500 vessels are expected to have the high-tech kite system fully integrated.

Price: $600,000 – $3.3 mil

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