German effects firm builds DIY flying drone for Red Epic camera

I have flown more than one remote controlled flying what not including helicopters and airplanes. The thing they have all had in common was a very short first flight followed by a horrendous crash rendering a chance of a second flight moot. I can only imagine the carnage and repair bill I would wrap up if I had the chance to fly this drone that a German effects firm made for one of those crazy expensive Red Epic cameras.

The effects company is called OMStudios and the thing is an octocopter with eight little motors and propellers to fly it around. I guess the idea is that a filmmaker can use the flying drone rather than renting a crane to shoot from the air. The drone can climb to 150 meters making it good for some shots at impressive altitudes.

I don't know how much this thing would cost to rent, but buy the insurance policy. A dead battery in this flying machine would be bad news indeed. The camera under the drone can shoot film at 5K resolution and costs more than a nice new car. Check out the video below to see the rig in action.

[via Engadget]