George Lucas finally sues Jedi Mind

Shane McGlaun - Aug 24, 2010
George Lucas finally sues Jedi Mind

When George Lucas and his film company sued Wicked Lasers simply because one of the company’s new lasers looked like a light saber from the Star Wars films there were a lot of us out there who were surprised. Lucas ultimately dropped that case and has finally got around to filing a suit against a company called Jedi Mind.

Jedi Mind has several products that claim to use the power of thoughts to control video games and such. The latest offering from Jedi Mind was the Master Mind software. Reuters reports today that George Lucas has filed a massive suit against Jedi Mind.

Apparently, LucasFilm sent the firm a cease and desist letter last year and Jedi Mind continued to operate. Lucas has now sued Jedi mind for $5 million in a trademark infringement case. The suit seeks injunctive relief and recovery of damages. Apparently, Jedi Mind had promised to phase the use of the Jedi name out of its products and then didn’t do it.

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